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*Volume 1 is sold out.  Thank you all for making our International GI Joe Book a complete success!  Volumes 2 and 3 are still avalible.  If you are interested in someday getting a reprint of volume 1, please CONTACT US so we can gauge the possibility of reprinting this content in a revised edition. 

The images below contain a HUGE 32 page book preview!  No other Joe book lets you have an EXTENSIVE look inside!  Get a full taste of nearly 1/3 of the book. There are 60 more pages of this fully comprehensive International archive.  Click to enlarge the page images to see what you are missing in your collection.

#2) Table of Contents

#4) History of the Joes

#5) To Be, or Not to Be?

#6) Identifying a Figure's Origin

#8) Comprehensive C-Scale

#9) Tons of Terminology

#12) Showing the Ultra Rare

#18) Joes Not in Joe Packaging

#22) Joes from 'Down Under'

#25) A Closer Look

#30) Explaining 13 Sub-Group

#36) Duke's Laundry - Fun Fact

#38) Unique Artwork

#39) Canadian Differences

#41) Rocket Launchers For All?

#45) Cool Tiger Force

#48) Comic Books Recognition

#49) European Predecessors

#52) Wild Funskool Variations

#66) Other Variants Explained

#67) Carded Examples

#68) Vehicles Also Get Some Love

#73) Japan Inserts

#75) Korean Evolution

#79) Alien Invasion From Mexico

#82) Russia. Yes, We Said Russia

#84) Venezuelan History

#86) Full Price Guide For All

#98) Side By Side Comparisons

#99) The Unknown is Shown

#101) Community Builders

Back Cover) Overview


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