G.I. Joes from Poland

In the early 1990's, a toy company in Poland began making GI Joe figures after several successful runs producing Star Wars figures.   G.I. Joes were produced in lower quantities compared to the popular Star Wars line.   In fact, the only reason why we obtained these figures was through one person that actually worked in the toy factory.  The figures are in factory new condition (except the black Dee Jay) and never made it to the card process.  The factory worker also obtained proof cards.   Polish figures are mostly factory painted with paint masks, but sometimes certain figures would have a few hand painted details.  Sneak Peek is a good example of 2 versions. One seemed to use more hand painted applications than the other.  As for construction, the Polish Joes copied most of the details in the sculpting and re-tooled into a 5-point articulated body to keep in the same production process as the Star Wars figures.  Guns and back packs were retooled as well.  Many times mixing around body parts, colors and weapons to create totally new characters never seen in the G.I. Joe universe!  Even changing skin tones just like how Funskool India did on Iceberg and Stalker.  To own a piece of GI Joe history, contact Ron to buy / sell / trade Polish Joes!!!

Annihilator v1 - outfit color and design exclusive to the Polish market

Backblast v1 - light skin, light pants, dark brown belt. Backblast v2 - dark skin, dark pants, medium brown belt. Backblast v3 - light tan face, medium tan arms, light brown belt.

Bullhorn v1 - with Backblast torso. Bullhorn v2 -  with Night Viper torso Bullhorn v3 - with Recoil torso Deejay v1 - red body w/ Recoil torso, Caucasian skin
Deejay v2 - metallic blue body w/ Night Viper torso, Caucasian skin. Deejay v1 - black Dee Jay chest- Caucasian skin tone. Downtown v1 - outfit color and design exclusive to the Polish market Hit 'n Run v1 - outfit color and design exclusive to the Polish market
Night Viper - colors match well with the standard release Pathfinder v1 - v1 legs, & tighter paint job (note chest rings) Pathfinder v2 - v2 "Backblast" legs, & looser paint job (filled in chest rings) Whiter skin tone. Range Viper v1 - TARGAT torso, variant dark blue, v1 face mask paint, few other paint apps
Range Viper v2 - TARGAT torso, v2 face mask paint, many paint apps Range Viper v3 - TARGAT torso, "fat head", v2 face mask paint, all other paint apps
Range Viper v4 - Night Viper torso, v2 face mask paint
Range Viper v5 - Storm Shadow torso, w/ Backblast arms, & "skinny" head, v2 face paint
Rock and Roll v1 - tan outfit with brown beard - v1 arm set
Rock and Roll v2 -blue outfit with black beard - v2 arm set
Rock Viper -  outfit color and design exclusive to the Polish market
Sneak Peek v1 - "Mustard" Outfit / ver.1 arm set
Sneak Peek v2 - "Tan" Outfit / ver. 2 arm set
Sneak Peek v3 - "Tan" Outfit / ver. 1 arm set Stalker - Caucasian skin tone like how Funskool did their Stalker
T.A.R.G.A.T. (unique helmet closely copied from the card art)
pic coming soon
Tunnel Rat - outfit color and design exclusive to the Polish market Proof Card v1 - Standard card back for all the figures. Not just Hit 'n Run.  Proof Card v2 - Metallic Gold inked card. Made on a different machine than v1.  Un-punched. Proof Card backs - plain card stock back.




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