2007 Action Figure Archive Honors

It is the end of 2007 and Action Figure Archive (AFA) recognizes achievements in the 3-3/4" toy industry.  The following list is meant to highlight some of the most innovative toys in their respective categories.  This is NOT to say they are the "best" or "most popular".  This list is designed to point out their unique characteristics that set them apart from the pack.

Most innovative Marketing Gimmick: Leopard Skin "Pimp Daddy" Destro (PDD)

Hasbro was smart to capitalize on  the popularity of the original PDD made 10 years earlier.  Not only re-create a figure that so many have desired, but make it very limited in number and give it 2 different variations. It all started as a San Diego Comic Convention exclusive, then ended up being sold at the GI Joe convention, and at Hasbrotoyshop.com    Consequently, no other GI Joe figure has shot up in value this year like the PDD.  The gold version has seen 200.00 at auction.  

Making Something Out Of Nothing: Copperhead (version 3)

Who would have thought all those crappy new sculpt parts would come together to make a sweet figure.  Kudos to Master Collector for concept and color selections making this one of the best figures that rivals the greatness of the original.    

Weirdest G.I. Joe of the Year: Serpentor

In a field of classic sculpted superstars, Serpentor sticks out like a sore thumb.  Serpentor was NOT given the classic treatment like all the other 25th anniversary figures.  When asked at the convention in Atlanta, a Hasbro representative explained the reason behind it.  Evidentially, Serpentor was sculpted and approved by an over-zealous Hasbro designer that put his own fresh spin on the Serpentor.  Since the production was so far along, it was kept in the assortment.  Even though the original outline of the character (as seen on the cardbacks of Wave 1) was clearly designed after the 1986 incarnation.  We were also told there were no negative repercussions for this particular designer, since he has been praised for his work in creating several new concepts for G.I. Joe. 

Mass Retail Vendor Honors: Target

Out of all the retail chains, Target separated themselves from the pack by getting an exclusive BBI set in the 1:18 scale called "Forces of Valor".  They also carried other Elite Force figures but a line of VEHICLES!  Including the Blackhawk Heli and Abrams tank and more.  The also had the usual Lanard CORPS! in the "Kook Toys" boxes along with the usual 25th Joes and Sigma. 

Online Vendor Honors: Smalljoes.com

Virtually any 3-3/4" figure sold within the last few years was sold by Small Joes.  Fantastic selection, what more can be said. 

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